Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have so been meaning to get caught up to what's going on NOW since I've been home more. Oh well, right?! :)

Here are a few shots from Josh and Dani's wedding! I'm sure they posted their gorgeous pics...but of course we took our own :) And lets face it, they didn't have nearly as many shots of us as we do! :)

My husband the emcee???

Yup, for someone that doesn't like to be the center of attention or on stage, Josh kindly asked him to do the honors and Tyler accepted! He did such a great job :)

Tyler and Mile's first meeting :) ...it was super exciting for Tyler to get to hold Miles that day since we had just found out we were pregnant not too long before the wedding.

cute couple:)
a couple of Tyler pics :)

and adorable Kayla - i just love her big beautiful eyes :)

We didn't get many good shots of the bride and groom...but this one was too cute! on their way out and off to the honeymoon :)

Here's a pic someone else actually took of us :) Tyler couldn't resist posing on the belly...

Stay tuned for more catch up pics :)

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eeeee! i LOVE,LOVE, LVOE the belly pics! You are adorable!!!!:) You should see if Meg will do a belly shoot for you!:) not for a few more months though~:) I just love my sweet baby nephew/niece so so so much!Oh, and you two also!:)