Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Family Photos

It was such a special opportunity to get to be all together (yes, still on the Indy trip in DECEMBER!), we had to jump on the opp for a big family phot!  So...here we go!
(by the look of the crazy faces you see that I'm not so crazy?! ;0...need to let loose a little more I guess;0)

and a serious pose, yet nice shot!

The two that made the rest of the clan possible ;0

and a fun shot of just the original gang

seriously, didn't realize how silly the whole group was till this trip!

Family shot: 
The grandkiddos
1. fun shot ;0
sweet shot (that I have framed in our house!  LOVE!)
the 'outlaws' as someone named this shot...attempting to get a good jump shot like our loves ;0
I think this is funny, Tyson and Matt posing like cool guys, and I'm looking at Jason like 'uh...OK! go for it guy!'
...it took us a while to get the timing right! do you jump on 3, in the air on 3?!  
and our prized beauty ;0
and a bunch of fish out of water ;0

...and here are a few of our little shoot that Ms Connie was gracious enough to do for us ;0 
So much fun!

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Aunt Nell said...

LOVE them all...the inlaws and the outlaws!! :P You guys are cute and fun!! Love n miss my family more than ever.....