Monday, April 30, 2012

...and another...

Had the HUGE blessing of my mom taking Em for a few hours on Thursday while I baked and put together Tyler's bday cake (pics to come as I'm in the midst now;0)

I love alone time...maybe a little too much.  I just love to be brain dead sometimes, but I also love the internet and the opportunity to be able to listen to different sermons.  One church that I watch online when I can is Elevation Church, which I shared from on Friday.  I heard of them through Lysa TerKeurst who attends there.

Every time I have gone to listen, it's been UH-mazing.  Totally what I didn't realize that I needed to hear.  Love how the Lord does that.

Anyhow, the video I wanted to share is part 2 of the one I posted Friday.

Listen all the way through, even if you're thinking, 'this doesn't apply to me'...because, I'm sure you'll eventually hear something that is JUST FOR I did.  And if you know me and my life story, I'm sure you'll know exactly the words that I heard when I felt the blow to the gut not once, but twice ;0  FUN.  but. AMAZING.

Thank you, Lord, for your Word!



theboydsnest said...

I think maybe Connie and Tyson went to Elevation while they were with Tony and Rachel in Charlotte. :)
Great sermons.

theboydsnest said...

WHERE are you on here.. NO TIME??? Emma to busy of a little girl for you to get here?? miss you. :)