Friday, April 20, 2012


Back in February, we enjoyed a fabulous day of sunshine and impromptu family fun at the park!  Diana was watching Isaiah, and my mom and Lita were hanging all hanging out together...Jasmine was hanging with Em and I...and while we were waiting for Crystal to get out of school (and come pick up Isaiah) we decided to head over to the park and play with the kiddos!

...and they were off!  They RAN to the toys ;0
and went directly to the swings for some 'weeee - fun!'
I'm sure you're thinking, "OK, you live across the street from the park, I'm sure you go often"...kinda, but this day was extra special, and more fun than usual.  We decided to play along with the kids and have some fun ourselves!  Not just watch, follow and push ;0
(ug...this pic was my motivation to start working out;0)
Crystal arrived and joined in the fun!
Lita was just watching at first...
then SHE decided to jump on a swing too!

kids were having fun just everywhere!
Jasmine was having some 1-on-1 time with Em;0
Who'd have thought that Lita at 89 (and months away from 90!) would be swinging away at the park?! so FUN!  I hope I am like her when I'm 89 ;0

...sigh...i couldn't help but to text Tyler that day and say, "THIS is what being able to stay at home is all about! Fun, family times and special memories."


theboydsnest said...

LOVE the pictures from the park. SO fun. :)
So good to see Lita. She looks great.

theboydsnest said...

Also love the 4 generation pic. :)