Monday, April 9, 2012

Wrapping up the trip

SO...think I've drug this out long enough?!  I am realizing that I'm losing motivation to share Jan/Feb because I'm so stuck on finishing these first!  So here we go...the last bit of our trip in December ;0
Missing everyone SO MUCH!  Especially after seeing the O'Connors recently...

Here are some pics of the 'suprise' morning...when Dennis & Cathy woke up to find the O'Connors sleeping in the living room!
The gang singing a beautiful song at church....not the best photo and because I was watching after Em I couldn't video this year ;(...and somehow Tyler and Thomas got out of it?!
Love Jacob's little personality!
Little Reindeer Em ;0
Kid Corner
The boys doing their dance for us
Love how emma needed no direction in 'how to unwrap gifts' ;0
Steph and I hanging during photo shoot;0
what would Boyd time be without game time?!

can't believe this little cutie pie turns ONE this weekend!
Aunt Connie lovin on EM
the boys ;0
the play madness...

the movement of this pic is kind of what the trip felt like!  It just flew right on by was time to come home.  Here's our little Em getting in her seat!  She already looks so much bigger since then!  4 months sure does make a big difference!  And she's got so much hair now ;0  
She really did do well on the flights.  and adjusted to the time zones perfectly; and we (I) learned so much from family chats, about myself, the Lord and just being a better mama to Em and wife through it all...

We love you, family!  Missing you and anxiously awaiting you this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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