Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just like us!

Life's gotten so nutty, time slim and too much going on! What's new?! :)

Tired of not sharing our happs with you!  So thought I'd be brief and take away from my 'wind down time' and show you a snippet of our past weekend.

Emma is just a little mini us!  Seriously!  I know I usually show her when she's like her Papa like here.. ;0

I couldn't resist laughing and snapping these shots tho, when I saw her like this!

It's mini mama!!  (when I clocked in and out for my '8 hours' a day ;0)
This call was on speaker ;0

Doesn't she look like she's really doing something here?!

And SERIOUS issue she's dealing with now...
(work connie woudl say, "don't you have something better to be doing with your time?! if nothing else - GET AHEAD!"
...all the while having fun ;0

Anyway, just thought I would entertain my audience of 3, even though we're losing 1 member tomorrow ;0  She'll see them when she gets back home, I suppose!

Nighty-night all!
PS to see all the fun I had snapping away, click here ;0


theboydsnest said...

Still here at work this morning. :)
working until 1.
Glad that Emma can do your work for you. HA.
She is too cute.
See you soon.
can't wait.


cute lil peanut. Missing you guys like CRAZY!!! So excited for this next year of changes!! Love to you!

Aunt Nell said...

hahahah shes so adorable. Like a sponge. Soakin up all she sees and hears!! <3 this age!