Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sharing ;0

Well, folks, I'm just all over the place.  I have 2 more posts started but just have had more important things to do then finish them up - so sorry!

BUT.  I just saw this cool thing come through in an email and thought I would share in the meanwhile :)  Lots of meanwhile stuffs, huh?! :)

ABC Printable Scripture Cards

Super cool!  I think I will print them and start going through them with Em so it will help just with letter recognition for now (abc's here we come!) and eventually will help with learning verses! YAY.  

Click here to get for your little selves.

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theboydsnest said...

Love this.. was going to find something to use for our children's ministry for what we used to call CUBBIES.. but we aren't doing AWANA much anymore. this would be great. They are already learning the ABC"S and this would be great alongside. :)
thanks for the link.
NEED to print it out... .... DON"T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING THO.