Monday, March 5, 2012

Here we go!

If you wish to be spared from the intricate choreography and the amazing lyrics ;0  Jump to 1:44 - THAT is exactly what came to mind when I typed the post title ;0 we go - another stage little Miss Em has entered.  Going to the potty!  Since December (while in Indiana) she has started to announce, upon occasion, when she's going to go potty and when she does we head on over to her spot ;0

A few weeks back, she had about 3 trickles (if you'd like specifics) but this weekend, she successfully had a full potty experience and we were rejoicing with her!  Well, we were ecstatic, she was not quite sure how this little task could get so much attention.  

Of course, we have photos to share, so enjoy ;0
she now poses for pictures
while this shot looks like perhaps something else ;0 it was her saying 'YES' like daddy taught her with full arm motions.

That was the highlight of our weekend, how was yours?! ;0  We haven't officially started potty training as of yet.  With Tyler's travel schedule, I wanted to wait until we could both focus a full weekend's attention on it and we've found a few 3-day training plans that we're gonna pick SOON and very soon :)


Cathy/Nani said...

WOW.. SHE IS wonderful. :) HA> HA HA>


LOVE it!!
Big girl!!
Good job em!