Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunshine, smiles and praises to our Father

Nope, I haven't ditched the blog, as much as it feels like it to me and by the lack of posts.  I'd still been struggling with my days through our sleep struggles.  I don't want to whine about my beautiful little girl, so that's all I'll say in that direction :)  INSTEAD, let me tell you that since last Saturday night, my little angel has slept good stretches at night and has been taking at least 1 nap a day...which means mama's sleep has increased as well and I'm on my way to feeling totally normal again!  WAHOO!  I officially feel like my brain is functioning again.  I've had 1 day here or there over the past few weeks, but after 4 consecutive 'normal' feeling days, I've got nothing but smiles on my face and praises to the Lord for bringing them on :)  He's so awesome.  I'm sad that it took this little phase (that I do realize can come back at any time) to force me to sit and enjoy the moments with my child as she's rapidly growing right before my eyes.  In the last month she has started to crawl and 2 teeth have broken through.  She keeps growing (length wise mainly, as the Dr says she's dropped below the 2 percentile in weight) and is eating like a moose!  Well, in all honestly I have no clue how much a moose actually eats, but it sounds like a good exaggeration anyhow ;)   I've really enjoyed her being clingy...makes me feel loved, needed and like a real mommy.  I think we've both grown close to each other during these last two difficult months, and for that I wouldn't trade a day in for anything!!  

The weather is gorgeous here today.  And has been since Wednesday!  I've gotten to get out and spend some time in it and hope to be able to share those photos soon - I know I've got some catch up to do.  But Teremama's (grandma) spending the weekend with us while Tyler's working in San Diego, so I should have some time to get going with sharing what's been going on in our lives via photos.  

Thank you for your prayers!  Much, MUCH appreciated.  

OH...and to continue sharing, here's my verse for the next couple of weeks: 
“he refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
for his name’s sake.”
Psalm 23:3

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