Monday, April 11, 2011

Nani & Popi's visit

Last month we had a very special visit!  Emma got to spend some time with Nani and Popi :)  And although she was going through a rough patch of sleep challenges and crankiness...she enjoyed their visit very much. 

While I was organizing my pics, I realized we didn't take as many as I wish we would have! But I guess that's due in part to my mind not functioning well...but here's a roll of pics of what we were able to capture...enjoy.
Here we are all bundled up at the Almond Blossom parade (it was SO cold that day!)
Emma got lots of lovin' that week :) 
she continues to be a great center piece ;0  She wanted to be a part of the action with everyone!!
Just like last year, we got to spend Cathy's birthday with her...we had everyone over to our house, and sadly only took an handful of pics :(

(this doll will make another appearance in a future post!)
Emma's only cuddly when she's SUPER tired (sadly)...but how sweet is it when she is!!
She LOVED getting all the play time with Popi and daddy with his days off during that week.
we spent some time with Grandma Boyd while they were in town
And saw Gpa & Gma Burton too!

She got her first piano lesson from Grandma Burton:)
And birthday night dinner with Aunt Kim & Uncle Mike
...seriously, 10 days was it?  And this is all I got!  Well, for the most can see all pics here.

Emma spent a few days looking around the corner when it was just she and I left in the house :(  We hope this is a yearly trip!! :) 


Cathy/Nani said...

Love all the pictures and how adorable she is. :)
Thanks for sharing.. NEW screen saver material. Thanks again. :)

Cathy/Nani said...

I wrote a big message and it didn't post. :( weird. In the picture of Kim and I .. our mouths are both doing something weird.. HA. Emma is adorable as always. Hope you put up some Tinkerbell pictures too... My silly phone is too tiny to enjoy the whole picture. :)