Saturday, April 23, 2011

Isaiah's 1!

Let me just tell you what a task it's been trying to get these photos up (and I wrote that like 5 days ago!)!  man-o-man...So here we are!!  WARNING: there are TONS of pics below!!

First, we start off with the prep for the birthday party.  Isaiah's party was going to be Disney theme, so the idea was to get a picture of him in a Disney shirt to use on the we had a little photo taking afternoon to try to get that.  

Isaiah had just started walking all over the place, so it was hard to get him still!  Here are some of the fun shots we got of him. 

...cousin Jayce made an appearance that day...and wasn't he just handsome?!  I'm kinda thinking maybe it wasn't a coincidence?! :)  

Tyler started playing with the kiddos...putting them up in the tree...

...and tossing them up in the air.  this pic looks funny with the house in the background.

Here was our final product for the invite.

Then came the actual party - fast forward about 1 month later ;)  The kids were asked to dress up in a Disney costume.  We were going to put something together from what Emma had in the closet and some fairy wings we got at the $.99 store:)  A DIY tinkerbell costume.  BUT...we went to our friend's house and they had a pic of  their daughter up in a costume and we were able to borrow it and look at just HOW stinkin adorable our little tinkerbell was!!!
OK, OK, so this is about Isaiah :)  (just don't forget the author of this post was also the photog and tink's mama;0)

So, not so long ago, I heard that pinatas must have been a given at all the parties I attended growing up (because I'm Mexican?)...however, I think I only ever encountered...maybe 2 when I was young?  We had one a couple of years ago for my mom's 60th...then this one...ANYWAY, it isn't a staple FYI :)  But we did have one here!!  

The kids had so much fun taking a whack...

...and it was hilarious to Tyler and I how it all had to be set up to work!  Here were the two guys behind the pinata

fun to see how many adults and big kids there were running after the candy once it broke :)

They had a costume contest.  Jayce was Peter Pan!!   What a cute pair he and Emma were!
...I did my best to 'sell' her costume.  Tyler and I totally thought she should have won :)

Here's the whole crew of kiddos that was there

and all those that were wearing something Disney.

And of course, we did a little shoot of just the three babies :)  They're so cute!!

and here are just tink and peter :)

So...I know it'd been a little bit since I've put any pics up.  Hopefully this slue will make up for it to both the Boyd and Aguirre fams ;) 


Cathy/Nani said...

She is such an adorable "TINK." and Tinkerbell is my absolute favorite Disney character.
Hope your Easter was memorable. :)
and NOW Tyler's Birthday tomorrow. Rats.. not ready for that. :)
Blessings on you.

Aunt Nell said...

Oh my GOSH!!! Those babes are soo cute! Your nephew is such a doll. My dream baby ;) Dark with beautiful eyes. I think Emma was the cutest Tink Ive seen! You guys do such a good job on invites n stuff. You should start an Etsy or something. You guys rock!! Can't wait to see fotos of Emmas 1 year birthday in a few months! Wish I could be there :( <3 n miss you guys. Hope Ty had a great birthday!! Hugs to you all.