Tuesday, March 8, 2011

music to an insanely tired mama's ears

if your baby is night waking again all of a sudden, consider whether she is overtired at bedtime.
This is a reminder that even if YOU haven't changed anything in your baby or toddler's life pertaining to sleep, it doesn't mean something isn't making him extra tired such as learning to roll, walk, talk, or how to count to twenty, and you might need to consider a schedule or routine change to combat the over-tiredness.

I was up with Emma every 2-3 hours this morning, after a random 11:30 pm feeding that she dropped long ago...thank goodness we can cling to the Lord's strength, peace and comfort and not lean on our own because I ain't got none left....

that's all for today as Emma is napping I'm going to head to the couch for a little rest myself :)

Prayerfully, I can be a little more 'myself' and have some energy to share the last month or so through pics!

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praying for you sweet sister...this too shall pass!