Monday, March 21, 2011

Daddy day

I know, you want to see pictures of Emma :)  Here are a few...Back in February, on Tyler's day off after returning from Las Vegas I tried to keep in the background so that he and Emma both could enjoy some Emma/Daddy time.  Here are a few shots from their day :)

Little girl loves her daddy so much!  She sure does miss him when he's not home...even when he's gone to work during the day :)


Cathy/Nani said...

Very Cute. ;)
She is such a little sweetie.. even though you were trying to stay in the background she couldn't keep her eyes off of you. :)
HA>. or that camera.
Thanks for the pictures. and thanks for the note and little shots of Emma to be around my desk at work.
Missing you all. :)


such a sweet little thang. I miss her..and you. And thanks for my pics too! The kids were amazed at how big she is and enjoyed reading what you wrote about them!:) Love ya.