Friday, March 18, 2011

Here we go!

SO, I had to keep going back through all my ramblings to see when the last legit (complete with photos) post was...and I think it was when the little princess turned 6 months :)  Which was about a month and a half ago.  

Here I go with getting back to sharing the happs and photos of our fun little lives.  My 33rd birthday was on 2/12.  Back in November, I decided I wanted a cocktail party for my birthday. I figured it was a Saturday, so why not have a little fun night ON my actual bday?  I was one of those loved the dress-up events in HS, and since my bridesmaid days are over this would be the only other way to get to have an excuse to get all dolled up.  

First up is my bff Ginger ;0
She's just beautiful!  Once I told her what I wanted to do for my birthday (we were out together that night), she took over with the planning and she and Tyler made it a beautiful night.

not one detail was overlooked from the decor to the cocktail menu for the evening. 
gorgeous roses from Tyler that were a beautiful addition to the decor of candles and colors...
our theme for the night were these 4 colors, so we picked 1 drink in each color.

from the second we started to talk about it, Tyler was determined to borrow my sister Diana's bar and wanted to be the bartender!
we thought it would be fun to get these chalkboards and ask everyone to write down to snap a photo with
Purple Haze was the hit of the night!  (see recipe above).  Steph (below) has been making them for all occasions since then - they even had the office taste them the following Monday at work!  (every now and then office drinks are had - but on RARE occasion.  I think the last time was when Tyler and I got engaged we all had mimosas for breakfast to celebrate :)  Usually it's only 5'oclock wine when you're in for a long night)...back to the party!
for those with a date, we had them write something to place as the other person's thought, just to be silly :)
and got some little crowns for some photo fun :)
We tried to get pics of everyone as they were leaving, but some of you escaped!  We'll get you next time :) 

...I started to play with my friend Kimmy.  She's always ready to pose/smile for the camera
she had no clue about the chalkboard 'comments' I was writing :)  

Such an awesome day and night to reflect on ;0  Thanks to the best hubby and friend for such a great party!! Love you guys!

And thanks to everyone who was able to make it and hang with us for a bit.

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