Friday, March 4, 2011

Emma's 7 months!

While mamma's still trying to work with our new phase (which has pretty much left me drained, brain dead and highly emotional...sounds so exciting doesn't it?!), little girl is growing and learning new tricks left and right here...CRAZY.  So, I'm a couch potato today, only after laying awake from 2-4:30AM, realized with a sleeping baby and 3 adults sleeping that could hear her should she happen to scream before her projected time I could slip away to the gym for an hour... came home, showered, did my hair and had coffee made by 6:20 AM...THEN mom took Emma for 3 hours and I slept...and then I became a couch potato cuddling with my baby girl until I put her down to go about and do her thing some more ;0 - thought I would share a little bit of our day thus far :)

Enjoy ;0
Still shots...
Emma was put down for a nap this am (b/c she was showing what I thought were clear signs of being tired) and I went in to check on her and this is what I found ;)
she loves to sit up now!
and move about

and she ends up in the splits quite often ;0
Emma on the move!

BTW - I started this post yesterday, on the day that she turned 7 months but had some technical difficulties ;0



oh my gosh. she is adorable. and so big. and i am missing it. :( I love you all! Kiss that baby for me...sigh.

Dani F. Boyd said...

I looooove her eyes! She is so beautiful!