Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Focus on Marriage - Feb. 27

Most of you know both our hearts about marriage. We love to encourage marriages and soon-to-be marriages, pray for them, and love to share with others opportunities to enrich their marriages ;)

In Connie fashionFont size (likes to organize things and be in charge ;) ), we are trying to get a group together to attend this event that seems like it's going to be just awesome!
Location is First Baptist Church in Stockton (for locals - or you can find a location at the following link for 'more details')
Doors open at 8 AM, event begins at 8:30. It is scheduled to end about 3:30 PM (in Cali)
Early Bird Registration $25.00 p/p (by 1/13)
Late Registration $35.00 p/p (after 1/13)
Visit the website for more details: http://ccn.tv/focusonmarriage/
If you're up for going to the one in Stockton, let us know so we can meet up! If you'll attend locally to you, let us know that as well so we can share afterwards :)



was that Connie comment aimed at me??:) I KNOW it is..and i'm okay with it!:) SURE wish we could go..sounds awesome..Francis Chan= AMAZING. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

You will both absolutely love Francis. He is a marvelous speaker.. and Thomas too. :) wish we could be there too.

Aunt Nell said...

awwwww man!! I want to go! That sounds like a great group of speakers. I love Kirks work and I LOVED hearing Francis at BNYC several times!!