Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catching up

Isn't it perfect how the background and our pic go together?! :) I heart that my handsome hubby enjoys wearing purple - my favorite color. it looks great on him ;) ...This picture was taken on Sunday, 1/3, our last full day in Indiana...we realized we hadn't taken any pics with the snowy background (on our own camera) so we headed out and got this great shot -thanks to photographer Connie :) By the way, for those that do not know, of my three Boyd sis', I share my name with one of them - isn't that neat?! I always want to call her my twin even though I know that isn't the right terminology.

ANYHOW - I thought I would do a little catch up on posting pics - starting with thanksgiving. It doesn't look like we pulled out the camera while we were at Aunt Kim & Uncle Mike's, but we did while we were at my sister Diane's. My cousin Marisol (see post back in Aug/Sept) was back in town with us for a few weeks, and it was nice to have her spend Thanksgiving with the whole gang.
The expectant parents. Isaiah is due early April! CAN'T WAIT!
Side view of Gera, who it has been really great to see more often this year.
Adam & Shirley
Tia Amparo & Tio Fernando (this one's for you, Nelly!)

My aunt and uncle think Vero (middle) and I look a lot a like..I kinda see it -what do you think?
...and a pic with Crystal jumping in - and two shots of Paige!
Lila made her way to the front room to entertain the kiddos... we decided to do a little photo shoot :)

Absolutely adorable!



aww. i like sharing names..and we can be twins..if we want to.:) your family is all so beautiful!
You surekly DO look like your uncle..crazy. LOVE you guys..can't wait to see you again!


wow. surekly means-really do!:)

Aunt Nell said...

Connie A-I think she meant the young girl in the middle :P Great post. You and Tyler look AMAZING in that foto. It was fun hanging with you guys in Indiana!! Connie A really loved it too. Talked about her "twin" alot. ;) We love you and am so glad you and Tyler found eachother!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL year, full of many new and wonderful blessings!! <3 you.

Anonymous said...

I just could do a fast loock up to my favorite (The Boyds) Thank you Connie 4 the pix of family (specially that one you are dedicated me, ;) )
He estado super ocupada pero no los olvido, un abrazo a cada uno OK y Feliz año, Connie, Taylor and BB Emma.
Love you Nelly, rcscj.