Sunday, November 1, 2009

Aloha ;)

...ahhhh...what a relaxing time spent in Hawaii! It has been a couple of months now, since our trip, so in posting these photos to share, we are getting to revisit our trip.

The trip was twofold; we first flew to Kauai with 13 others for work (6 days), then we flew back to Oahu and stayed right on the Waikiki beach for a few days of vacation - just the two of us ;)

While in Kauai, we stayed at a neat home just across the street from the Kekaha beach, and a dear friend of JAMZ' that I've known for about 7 years or so and Tyler had the opportunity to meet in Vegas earlier this year, was our hospitable host!

On our first day in, she took us out paddle boarding...

it was great to see some of the gang trying to paddle board! It appeared to be a balancing act, so I didn't try it; my equilibrium felt off that first day there
...we also headed out to another beach and we all had a great time just playing in the ocean, swimming, jumping waves, and just letting our hair down and letting out some good laughs! are a few shots of our 'homes'
they (JAMZ and Kauai Pop Warner) rented 2 houses for us on the same property,
so half stayed in 1 home and half in the other.

here's Tyler on the balcony outside our room

playing on the 'walkway' between the houses

view of the other house from ours

view of the ocean from our front door

the side of our house, where we shared the dinner we made together one night

- here's a pic of my buddy Yvonne! Such a sweet person!

THEN WAS WORK...we actually worked 3 of the days we were there (1/2 day on day 1, and 2 full days) so it allowed for a LITTLE play in between :)
couple shot; 2 of us are married, one is engaged, and the other two are on their way to being engaged (in that order from right to left)

singles shot :)
proof that we were working! :)

on our way home from camp one day, we posed for some pics at a pineapple store...

...we all had a nice 'end of the season' dinner night out...

On our last night and full day there, we were invited out with Yvonne, my buddy :), to her family's camp grounds on the beach - about a 1 minute walk from our houses.

Boys played volleyball...girls sunbathed and we all took a little time to head in to the ocean a few last times as we all left the island on that last day (Monday)...

Here's a pic on our way to fly out!

We'll save the Oahu pics for another post - will try to do soon :)

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