Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mom's Progress

As many of you know, my mom has recently had a single-bypass surgery. Completely out of the blue!!

Many of you were kept updated through my texts (so sorry for those that pay per incoming text! Something I just didn't think about.)

Here are a couple pics I took on my phone.

In her room, 1 day after surgery

...um here's where Tyler and I stayed her first night in her own room...F-U-N...let me tell you.

And here's a shot to show you how close we were to my mom's bed, or also how small the room was :0

about 1:30 or so AM the man just to the right of the room coded. It sounded like a heard of elephants rushing in the room and you could hear them using the paddles. Extremely interesting. Needless to say, that was not a very restful night of sleep. I think we were sore for at least 2 days after. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Tyler for offering to stay with me (I didn't have to ask!). - AND not trying to say we were the only ones that had this type of sleeping arrangement during a hospital overnight stay! THANKS to each person that stayed with my mom overnight since the first day she was in the hospital!

BACK TO MOM - this was 3 days after surgery. We went on a walk down the hall.

...and she really didn't need the walker. She left it in the hallway to look in to a room we encountered along the way. We were nosey :)

And here's a pic from this past Sunday (11/15). She was anxious for me to send an 'update' to everyone.

She would like to thank everyone for their prayers, visits, phone calls - everything. As would I! Thanks so much!

..and she does love her calls and visits, so feel free to drop by the house or call (209-667-5923:) ).

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