Saturday, November 21, 2009

Decorating our house!

One of our 'final touches' in having the house all come together has been a struggle...our kitchen! Oh, just because we painted one of our walls purple...which we LOVE! It was just a little tougher than expected to find table decor that brought it all together.

We recently found some fall colored napkins and some place settings from crate and barrel. There were some super inexpensive cute pumpkins from target that we tossed in. They all work well together...THEN a couple of weeks back, I hit Michael's with my mom and we found such cute (and inexpensive) final touches.

Here is my first attempt at an official centerpiece for our table!

so proud of my $.19 mini accents!

Here it is all set up for a family dinner night

Wanted to share these before we mix it up with a Christmas flavor ;)

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