Thursday, October 22, 2009

3 years...

I first have to say that Tyler has been a blessing to the Aguirre family in a million different ways. We started .... hanging out soon after my dad passed away ... he was the one I began leaning on during the car ride home from the event just after getting the news (we were still in the bay area... he didn't waste time in texting me to see what was going on!).

Because of our work interactions, I knew this man had so many talents...and I shyly asked if he would help us design my dad's marker. Consider four ladies, each highly opinionated on how this one thing was to best describe my dad's life on his final resting place. Going through the funeral home was like a $50 per draft/change fee :) And I felt lots of drafts coming on. So, Tyler took this on as one of his projects! it took about 2 months or so... after my sister's input, mine, my mom and Tyler's final go rounds, here's what we have:

Since then, we have all been assigned our 'lots' (I'm not sure there's an easy way to say that). My mom has purchased all the land surrounding my dad, so that we may all have our memory markers right next to and near one another, once we're gone from this world. While we know that this is just something for those that are left once we have passed, it was still something that was important to my mom :)...

My mom spends probably the most time visiting my dad out of all of us, and because of that and the fact that we all have 'our places there', she wanted to add a little something.
Here is Tyler's latest work of art for us there:
Here's our name! :)
So, with all that said, today is the 3rd anniversary of my dad's passing. I wanted to write something to share with my mom and sisters when we all get together tonight, and I pulled up Tyler's poem that he wrote for us for inspiration. In reading through it, I realize that the feelings of what he wrote there are still very much alive I'll share his words instead of my own :)

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year (or three!),
There is so much we want to say,
About how much we’ve thought of you,
Each and every day.

We wish that you were here right now,
And that we could enjoy you still,
Watching you light the barbeque,
And burning (just right) hotdogs on the grill.

The memories that we have of you,
Are close to all our hearts,
To measure how much we miss you daddy,
Would show up off the charts.

It’s funny all the little things,
That make us think of you,
From toothpicks to Chinese food,
And especially Dodger blue.

If we could have one moment,
Or better how about two,
We would wrap our arms around you daddy,
And whisper We love you.

In loving memory,
Luis B. Aguirre
Oct 11, 1935 – Oct 22, 2006

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