Thursday, August 11, 2011

Slow Down and Inquire

Just finished a some devo time and the topic today was to slow down and inquire, coming from Joshua 9.  This has probably been one of my most repeated lessons (thank you, Lord, for your endless patience with me ;0) since last year Mayish.

I thought it was funny to reflect on all my projects/commitments or as the devo called them 'attachments' that I've got going on.  Only one of which I sat and prayerfully considered.  The rest I felt like I had to say yes to.  Yet, here I am, feeling like I can't catch a break because I have too many projects lined up ahead as I'm coming off of Emma's birthday party extravaganza ;0  Ok...wasn't an extravaganza, but the first time I'd done a solo event in a while!

So nice to know that I can still pray about all these 'attachments' now, and if I must turn something down, the Lord will guide me to it and the person I have to turn down and it'll be all good :)

What's on your to-do or project list?  or is there a relationship you're 'attached' to that perhaps the Lord would like for you to inquire with Him over before continuing?

Stay tuned for updates on pics from July events, as well as Emma's bday party!  This week, I'm focused on finishing up my cousin's wedding invites (the one project I prayed over and accepted gladly;0).  As soon as I turn those over to he and his lovely bride-to-be, I'll have a little time for picture posting.

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Cathy/Nani said...

OOOOKKKKAAAYYY. I will wait. :)
Hoe your project goes well.
LOVE YOU. and the girl and guy.
Talk soon.