Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ann's 40th

I was back tracking through the last month's worth of postings...I knew it'd been a while since I'd posted photos of events or things we've done, but wow - a whole month of my ramblings with sporadic Emma pics?!  I think it may be a while for some of you to even see the 'udpates' because you were afraid of running in to my wordiness again ;0  (yes, I have heard the - too many words, scroll to the pictures comment!).


July 16, my sister Ann turned 40!  At the beginning of the year, my mom, sister Diana and I were sitting around talking about birthdays this year and realized her big day was on a Saturday and immediately we began the mental preparations for a surprise bash.  As we approached, we enlisted the help of her BFF, Ezabel and off we were in to preparation over a few months.

Here are a few pics that we put on suckers, which were used as centerpieces, taking us back in the day ;0

with Nana...
...looking like Jayce
...on the beach with Dad
good 'ol softball days!
with Mom & Lita
portrait of the sisters ;0

Sadly, I think this is one of our last 'family' shots we ever took...makes me want to make sure we always take them now!
in Mexico riding a donkey (I'm sure going from some one's house to someone elses)...and the 80's hairdo

And here's our invite that we sent out with one more cutie of a pic.
And here's the party through photos.  I was so busy getting this and that ready and moving on from one thing to the next that I didn't pick up the camera much and forgot to just nominate someone to be snapping...but we did get some pics in randomly throughout the evening!

...eagerly waiting as we got the 'around the corner' text ;0
...and the entrance...
Emma's so good, she just got tossed around from person to person and was loving it!
bff-cousin Dago ;0 who I've learned is pretty private and doesn't go around people a lot...so pretty special of him to come!
our tired girl who did not have bath and bottle at 7 pm (considering the birthday girl arrived about 6:30).  don't forget: she was NEVER a cuddly baby!  She just started doing this about 3 months ago or so.
...getting a little cake fix ;0
the happy couple whose getting married 10/1!  Pics of their wedding to come!
Isaiah...getting so big! Eating the sucker with wrapping ;0
and big-boy Jayce standing up on everything!
'friends' ;0

We've learned that a couple of people spilled partial beans as the day approached...but the when (time) and where remained a mystery.  She was only about an hour and a half late to her party because she was not wanting to leave the beach, where she spent the first part of her day.  All in all, she had a great day!  Thanks to everyone that was able to make it!

 click here for all pics (and more emma pics;0)

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Cathy/Nani said...

Thanks for all the pictures. Great to see all the fam. :)
Looks like everyone had a great time. :) Emma too.