Thursday, November 1, 2012

40th Anniversary

I thought I was going to be good and share these right away!  I did upload them the day following the party, just haven't really been able to sit and transfer them in to a post!  I think there are so many pis, I will minimize the words ;0  You're welcome!
I had to share this one below because we're cracking up, Charrie and I had our legs up on grandma but that got cut out ;0

if you'd like to see them all - click the below 'view all' and it will take you right to them!  There are also many all family shots that were taken by Kimberly and Easton but we haven't gotten them yet...will try to add those when we get them!
theboyds3's cathydennis40anniv album on Photobucket


Aunt Nell said...

Awww that turned out soo neat!! Im in tears seeing them :::( I hate missing out on all this family stuff.... :::(
Love them all! Great job ladies! Glad they were surprised. Loved the one of Aunt Cath driving up wondering WHAT IN THE Priceless! :)

Cathleen Boyd said...

Yes.. that is the best picture. When you are the one with the crazy face, you wonder why you didn't know SOMEONE was taking pictures. :) HA. I am not photogenic ever. Love all the shots and the old friends. SO fun.