Monday, September 10, 2012

Vids in the meantime

Hello!  I'm currently working on sorting through 588 photos from Emma's bday party (thank you, Thomas!) SO...since little darling is at a new level of playing and mama involvement and I have lots of catching up at home to do - yes, I have neglected our home for about the last month! YIKES! - thought I would share a couple of vids that I caught up on this am!

As some of you know, I enjoy watching Elevation Church sermons online.  I learned about their church through one of my fave women out there, Lysa TerKeurst (amazing encourager, author, mama and gal!).

A few weeks back, when we started potty training, we stayed home from church, so I saw the first message in a great series...when I hopped online this am to catch up, to my surprise, Lysa was the one that delivered the final message in the series!  Catch it here.  If you'd like to catch the previous ones, scroll to the bottom of the screen in the link and you can select each one of the 4 sermons at your leisure ;0.  I encourage watching them ALL!  Good stuff. 

PS on the potty training: she's all good!  we've gone about 10 days without a daytime accident, and I think night time we're about 80% dry nights, if not more?!  She's been waking up about 2 am for the past week and most of the time we go potty then right back to her room to go back to bed.  So proud of her!  The first 3 days were tough, and yes, the bathroom seems to be our new hangout on some days, but enjoying my time with my little lady so much.  She talks up  a storm while we're 'hanging out' in there ;0  I should make a post just of some of the fun things she's saying. 

Have a great week, all!

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