Friday, September 21, 2012

Emma's first prayer (on her own)

YAY!  I wondered when this would happen!  Emma is pretty good about repeating what we say during prayers.  Lately, she's been asking to pray several times while eating; sometimes at the time of getting more of something, or just because;0

Tonight, she asked "mama, pray again?  to Jesus" followed by a cutie of a little smile ;)  So I prayed with her again.  Specified some things about today that we are grateful for: Tia Cherrie and Caden for letting her come play this am/watch her;0, Tere, for watching her this afternoon, Tia Ann for giving Papa a ride home, Tia Diana for teaching Mama to make salsa, for Papa for making dinner (incase you were wondering what our day consisted of!)

A few minutes later, she asked "mama, pray again?" and I said, "Sure, what would you like to pray for?" When I've asked before she just repeats Jesus but this time she said the following (while I repeated after her;0)

"Jesus, thank you for toys, papa, mama (repeated papa/mama a few times;0), poo poo...A-MEN!"

Just melted my heart!  Had to document it, it literally JUST happened.  Have a fab weekend!



Oh how I love that little girl, and oh how I hate what I'm missing.:(
Kisses from Tia Connie!

Aunt Nell said...

Super adorable!

So many kids pray for poo poo....must be on their minds alot at that age :P

Love n miss you guys.