Sunday, August 23, 2009


Back in the day, we used to spend TONS of time visiting in Brentwood. Nowa days, not so much. We recently learned that my Tio Beto has stage 4 cancer, and while my mom's there at least once a week, and my sister's been there several times with that being her godfather, Tyler and I have made the trip just once a few weeks back.

Here are some pics of our visit.
Diane with Tia Luci and Tio Beto

Cousin Lorena with her daughter Savannah and Tio Beto
Savannah after she warmed up to Tyler and I :)


impromptu 80th bday celebration for him (it was in two days)
Join us in prayer as he's begun his chemo and radiation...and it's been a difficult ride for him.



aw. I will be praying. You two look wonderful. I miss you. Revelation song is my favorite. I am being very random. Love you guys!

Lelia Chealey said...

I will include him in the prayers for my hairdresser.
So sad to see anyone go through this.
Thanks for coming by my blog.

Aunt Nell said...

So sorry to hear this :( When I think of you and your family, I will be praying!!

Yeah, we are wanting August 14th, 2010 @ Majestic Oaks....but my parents dont have the mula right Im hoping no one steals it before we can pay the down payment :/ You like planning??? :) Good. Then when I actually start doing things I know who to call ;) What kinda things do you like to do? Wanna help me? I really wanna get save the date cards out sometime in Sept since its a year away...also I haven't even tried on 1 wedding dress yet... :/ kinda sad, huh? lol

Anyway. Hope you and Ty are doing well. Miss you guys! Hows Turlock? Hows work?! Busy? Well have a blessed Sunday!!!

besos bonita!!

><> Nell