Monday, August 17, 2009

Thomas, Steph & Justin

Yay for visits! We got to spend a few days with Thomas, Steph and Justin a couple of months ago.

We headed out to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk for a few hours...we had some lunch, strolled along the boardwalk...

..stopped for some pics along the way :)

Thomas & Steph rode the log ride!

...and we got to hang out with Justin while they did that...
such a sweet, sweet little guy!...and he just LOVED his uncle Tyler :)

...we walked to the beach for a bit...
...I took some pics of my handsome hubby :) isn't he photogenic?! :)

Then we headed out to the Giants game.
I just LOVE this little face that Justin makes!

all kids 14 and under got a BP jersey - so he's all set with his very own jersey that he can (grow in to) and wear to all the Giants games that he and dad go to! He really enjoyed the game for awhile...clapping and all :)
...had family over for a BBQ

the boys looked like they were wrestling although I think Coleson and Justin were just not able to balance well enough and they'd tick-toc over :)

Justin is so loving!
All the boys got in the pool for a bit

and I think Grandma Burton wanted to get in too :)
Justin enjoyed listening to Uncle Tyler play the guitar.

We went across the street to the park for a bit to let Justin play

...and we all enjoyed the toys a bit too :)

We had such a good time - definitely too short of a visit. We so much enjoyed having them in our home!

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Aunt Nell said...

Love the new layout. Totally cute ;) LOVE the wedding fotos. Always love looking at those and seeing my amazing cousin soooo madly in love! :)
I agree...too short of a visit. Esp since that was the only time I got to see them :( Hopefully one day we will all be together again!!

<3 you. Have a great week.