Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two years ago today...

Tomorrow, we're off to Hawaii! We'll post some pics of our get-a-way when we return - Aloha ;)

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Aunt Nell said...


I love seeing your video n pics! Your wedding was so absolutly perfect!! (minus all of us being able to enjoy it too!!! :P heeheh)I always think....eh....let just do what Tyler n Connie did. Its so intimate and romantic!!! COngrats on 2 years!! I can't believe its already been 2 years but at the same time it seems like youve always been together!! <3 it!! Enjoy Hawaii!! Cant wait to see fotos!!!!!!!!!!!!

<3 you

PS Do you and Ty read your anniversary cards that everyone wrote to you at your reception?? :) Those are fun! I just dnt know If Id be patient to read them one year at a time...id want to read them all!! :P hehhhehe