Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tyler's Birthday exTRAVAGANZA

exTRAVAganza continued...

NEXT - we were off to Hearst Castle

This place was amazing!

He collected a lot of catholic art - it was all over the part of the home we toured (there were three guest homes on the property)

our little tour guide lady was hilarious - she had to tame a group of like 6 french VERY LOUD children :)

They owned all we could see from where this house set.

THEN - the last part of our trip...

a drive up the coast to Carmel :) to spend some time by the ocean.

our lovely view from our room :)
and the garden at the hotel

Tyler had some fun at the beach...wish we could have stayed longer!

Tyler's third celebration of his 33rd birthday :)
we wrapped it up by having family over for desert...yummy :)
recipes to follow for those interested
we had a house full of kids...and it was so nice! we are so glad to have everyone over that was able to make it!

Blake eating a little candy (i think?!) that he wasn't too sure about :)

Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate Tyler's birthday!



aww. So wish we could have been there. Looks like you had a great time! Happy birthday brother! Love ya!

Keisha Suzanne said...

I don't have Internet 24/7 like I did at my sisters, so I'm way behind on blog reading and updates...
I think I spotted Annette in this post and I hope you will greet her for me. I miss the two of you. What a great looking family you have...
Not to mention the happiness and 'love' that is written all over you and Tyler's face through out the blog posts...
Eat life up!!