Friday, April 24, 2009

Another 25th Anniversary Celebration

April 10th was the 25th year anniversary for my sister Diana and her hubby Chico. I seriously cannot believe they've been together that long! I guess I was young (apparently 6) when they got together, but still just seems like there's no way it's been that long!

On Good Friday, they host an annual fam potluck dinner - and this year it was an automatic celebration night for them since we were all there :)

Tyler experienced his first massaje from Lita :)
(he started to get a migraine on the way out to their house)

Shirley, their oldest, put together a neat collage - she did such a great job all no her own since I was only able to help for oh about 20 minutes on one day :)

So she presented it to them, gave a little speech.

Diana also did a little of her own decorating for the evening...

And Chico surprised Diana with having a little live music for the night. Everyone sat around and enjoyed...and some even got out and danced.

...And there was some singing along too...
Seemed like everyone was in the mood for photo opps - there was lots of posing for the camera!

The Happy Couple:And them with their 4 kids :)

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How fun! Your family looks like so much fun! I wanna come dance some salsa with you all!:) Love you guys!(oh~ Has Ty ever considered going to a chiropractor for his headaches??)