Monday, March 16, 2009


So...we were having photos to spur on the posts. We haven't taken many photos lately since we haven't had much going on! We did have a special visit from Cathy and Dennis not too long ago. It was nice to have them around! I'll have to check and see what pics we did take. I have been wanting to enjoy everything that is going on so I haven't been pausing much to grab the camera.

We have joined a few people at our church that are trying to get a GriefShare group started. For those of you that don't know about GS, it's a 13 week/class course that takes you through the steps of grief. My sister Ann got me (and my mom and sister Diane) started in a course shortly after my dad passed away, and I did a second run of it a few months later. I know it was a great outlet for me, so if the Lord leads us to working with this group in the fall when it gets started, then we shall be a part of it.

LADIES: I highly recommend going through Beth Moore's new Esther study. LOVE IT. It's really taking me through some different things. Any locals that would be interested, my friend Kimmy and I are going to Stockton to see Beth Moore in June. We can meet up :)

This past weekend was our first home together, since we took turns working over the past two weekends. Just spent some time working around the house. We found some patio furniture that Mr T set up for us yesterday, and we broke in our BBQ in the backyard on Saturday. We are officially ready for it to be warm and begin to have people over for a swim and some food.

That's the 'general happs' with us. Hope everyone is having a great March! Step outside and enjoy the sunshine when it's out :)

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