Monday, February 16, 2009

Au Revoir

Time has come for our second trip to Las Vegas! We're minutes away from leaving, and apparently I felt the need to post some pics :) A breather must have been needed!

I would love to say that we're flying but not this time around!! So pray for us to have a safe drive as the road conditions seem to be a bit dangerous due to the rains :)
Love the pics, yeah?! They're from our flight to Will & Sarah's wedding last summer :) Check out Ryan and Jen's JAMZ Nationals tribute pics on the family photo network for some giggles!
Hope everyone is doing well! We'll be in touch once life returns to 'normal' in a couple of weeks :)

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JenSasser said...

I keep forgetting to check your blog to keep up with y'all... but I did want to say hello & hope to catch up after the craziness dies down! Love you,